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Elite Outworld (size 1)

Elite Outworld (size 1)

This small outworld is designed to accompany our small to medium sized nests.

Precision laser cut from crystal clear 3mm cast acrylic, this outworld provides a fantastic foraging area and perfect viewing of your colony.

A fully vented lid ensures good airflow, with two 10mm exits which connect directly to our 10mm tubing.

As with any outworld, we recommend use of a good quality ant barrier such as our Ant-I-Climb to avoid escapes when feeding.

Size: 115 x 60 x 75mm


1 x Elite Outworld (size 1)

1 x 10mm stopper

1 x short length tubing

Note: As this outworld is constructed with bands, you may need to glue the corners when dealing with very tiny species or using a sand substrate. For a completely welded outworld, please see our Vortex outworld.

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