BlackOut-Elite (size 1)

BlackOut-Elite (size 1)

Our stunning BlackOut nests are designed for skittish ant species such as Messor Barbarus, to provide a safe, secure and dark nesting area.

These revolutionary nests come with solid black sides to minimise light, along with both black and red covers. The matching black multi-port allows connection of any of our multi-port accessories, outworlds and nests (as shown in the later photos).

Removal of the covers is done with a small suction cup, which is also supplied.

Size:75 x 45 x 25mm

1 x BlackOut-Elite nest with multi port 
1 x small length 10mm OD tubing
1 x black acrylic cover
1 x red acrylic cover
1 x suction cup

* Outworld, junction box, feeder and test tube connector available separately