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Mini Vortex

Mini Vortex

The Mini Vortex outworld is a beautiful micro pod for your small or founding colonies.

Featuring a 3mm thick acrylic base and lid to compliment the crystal clear 360 degree viewing area, this outworld is fully welded and perfect for those small species.

The base has space for a heat cable underneath, with an entrance and exit to the rear of the design.

The port is for 13mm OD tubing and now has a copper insert to make changing tubing easier than ever. Stoppers, test tube adaptors and a host of our other accessories attach in seconds.

Arrives fully assembled and ready to use. How creative can you be with your decor designs ?


- 1 x 80mm diameter, 85mm tall Micro Vortex outworld with one port and copper insert.

- 1 x small length 13mm OD tubing

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