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Seramis Clay Granules (200g)

Seramis Clay Granules (200g)

Seramis is a fine clay granule which retains more water than any other clay substrate. It is capable of holding 100% of its own weight in water, therefore beating soil and coco too.

Only the highest quality clay used in its production where a special clay extraction process and low temperature firing produces an incredibly porous surface.

It’s very stable and completely inert, with a natural pH of 5.2 to 6.0 and a very low natural salt content
Can be mixed into soil, coco or soilless mediums to improve drainage and increase humidity.

Does not disintegrate - can be cleaned and re-used many times

Ideal for leaf cutter setups and sub base in bio setups.


1 x 200g bag genuine Seramis Clay Granules
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