Springtails - small starter culture

Springtails - small starter culture

Springtails are one of the most essential custodians in any bio-active setup, also helping to keep any outworld clean where a suitable substrate (such as our bio substrate) is used.

They live peacefully with most ant species and, at worst, supplement the foods being used for very small species.

Feeding on mould, detritus and most waste the colony produce, they help to ensure there are no major mould outbreaks.

Due to their removal of waste, this also helps to discourage any outbreaks of white mites which they easily outcompete for food.

This small starter pack can be used directly in an outworld, or as a culture to set up a breeding colony.

The pot contains our bio substrate which should be kept moist, but not wet.
Adding a few grains of rice and an occasional light sprinkle of baking yeast will provide more than enough food for them to graze on whilst cultivating.

1 x small deli pot of springtails 


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