Temno-Nest Elite

Temno-Nest Elite

Made to the same high specifications as our current Elite range, this nest has been specifically designed to keep Temnothorax “Acorn Ants”.

With an under chamber hydration sponge, ultra fine mesh and a tiny new vent system, your colony will flourish in this perfect environment.

Supplied with a red acrylic cover so that you can enjoy viewing your colony without disturbing them.  Plus our revolutionary multi port with a 10mm connector and tubing.

Are you ready to enter the fascinating world of the Acorn Ant ?

Why not visit our trusted supplier at AntsDavey today:



1 x Temno Nest
1 x Multi Port tubing connector (8mm)
1 x Red Acrylic cover 

Size: 35 x 45 x 30mm


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