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20 to 100 workers

At this stage your colony is coming along really well and is ready for their first nest/formicarium.

Your chosen species are quite flexible when is comes to nesting options, meaning that you can choose between Ytong or acrylic.

Plaster is best avoided as it is very prone to mold outbreaks and will perish when kept damp over the longer term.

With the low prices of 3D printers many hobbyists in that community are trying their hand at formicariums. The PLA filament used will warp over time as it reacts to both heating and moisture. Whilst we make some 3d parts, a full nest is not something we would endorse for any colony.

The nest size is a vital consideration as your colony needs some room to grow, however a nest which is too large will lead to reduced brood production, a nervous colony and your ants using the chambers to store refuse. Therefore a size 1 nest would be the ideal solution.

Your outworld should also be upgraded, with size being personal preference rather than larger ones causing any issue for your colony.

You may also wish to consider a second larger water feeder, using a 1ml for HoneyDew and either a 3ml or 5ml feeder for their drinking water.

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