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Macro Acrylic Nests


Our Macro nest have been a firm favourite with ant keepers for many years. The range has recently been updated to include additional features to ensure this formicarium stands the test of time.

The all black interior layers help to significantly reduce light incursion providing dark, stress reducing chambers for even the most skittish colonies to flourish.

Now with new larger 13mm ports for larger tubing this range offers unrivalled choices for expansion to cater for your growing colonies needs. All of our 10mm tube options are easily connected as they insert directly inside the 13mm tubing providing endless options via our test tube connectors and multi port junction boxes.

We only use genuine Perspex acrylic in all of our nests and outworlds ensuring these products can last a lifetime without worries of warping or colonies chewing them.

The feet on each nest allow the easy use of heat cables whilst retaining a wobble free, clean appearance

The matt black base means that you can ensure the best possible viewing and photo opportunities of your colony and quickly troubleshoot any issues. The black base makes it easy to see and photograph your colonies eggs and brood with species such as Camponotus Nicobarensis really popping against this dark background. 

The Macro range now features deeper 15mm chambers which have curved natural looking sides with tunnels and steps between them. Combined with carefully positioned micro ventilation in the covers, which allows vital airflow to avoid issues associated with stagnant air and helps to create the perfect temperature and humidity gradients which colonies require.

The huge hydration chambers have seen a significant change with double the capacity and  the outstanding Seramis clay granules. 

Seramis is an incredibly unique type of clay granule which holds up to 100% of its own weight in water, more than other clays and gypsum, with the enormous benefit that it does not disintegrate over time !

Finally, as pioneers of the BlackOut nest and covers, we include the option of red or black covers with all the nest in this range.

Note: Always start small, with our kits being the best place to start if you have a new colony. They should always be kept in their test tube setup until around 30 workers before offering their first nest.

Premium build quality

Options for all species

Incredible hydration without condensation issues

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