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BlackOut Kit

BlackOut Kit

The perfect kit for more skittish colonies once your first workers have arrived and the colony is outgrowing the test tube.

This upgraded kit contains a BlackOut Elite size one acrylic nest with built in hydration and micro hole ventilation to ensure that no stale air is present in your nest. Made from the highest quality 3mm cast acrylic, you’ll have the perfect view of your colony as they grow. The red acrylic cover is included to help reduce stress to your small colony, whilst still allowing observation. The black cover provides total darkness thanks to the layered black acrylic used in this nest.

Next we have the Elite size 1 outworld with a vented removable lid and two connection ports. This is perfect for feeding your colony without disturbance, and allows more nests and outworlds to be connected as the workers numbers grow. The included test tube adaptor accepts test tubes from 14-17mm so that you can attach these to the outworld to aid moving your colony.

Our included 3ml HoneyDew™️ feeder fits inside the founding outworld to provide your ants with a safe and secure drinking source. Each feeder allows 360 degree access with extra safety mesh build into the design to ensure no lost workers.

A feeding dish helps to keep the outworld nice and clean, which is easy to remove and wash.

Your colony will flourish in this wonderful kit.


- 1 x BlackOut Elite nest (size 1)

- 1 x Red acrylic cover

- 1 x Black Acrylic cover

- 1 x Elite size 1 outworld

- 1 x Junction box

- 2 x length tubing

- 1 x 3ml HoneyDew™️ feeder

- 1 x feeding dish

- 1 x 10ml water bottle for hydration

- 1 x multi size test tube connector

- 1 x protein jelly

Note: As this outworld is constructed with bands, you may need to glue the corners when dealing with very tiny species or using a sand substrate. For a completely welded outworld, please see our Vortex outworld.

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