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Founding kit

Founding kit

Founding queens should be kept in a test tube setup until they have a  given number of workers. The question is, how do you feed these workers without escapes ? 

This small outworld features vented sides for airflow and a removable vented lid for feeding and maintenance. Both 10mm exits allow our 10mm OD tubing, or any of our multi port connectors to be directly attached including our test tube adaptor. This means that moving your colony to a nest once they are big enough couldn’t be easier.

There is also room for our 1ml HoneyDew feeder. 

Size: 45 x 45 x 45mm 

1 x test tube outworld
1 x 10mm stopper
1 x short length 10mm OD tubing
1 x Connector for 16mm test tube
1 x feeding dish*
1 x test tube stand

*Dish design may vary. Test tube not included
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