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HoneyDew™️ concentrate 30ml

HoneyDew™️ concentrate 30ml

It’s time to upgrade your ants diet and see just how much they can benefit from a holistic glucose and fructose source which replicates many of those they would choose in the wild.

Our original flavour features honey and passion fruit which makes this one of the best sugar sources available for your ant colonies. Our recipe contains seven added vitamins for growth, strength and immune system support, alongside amino acids for protein synthesis and both glucose and fructose to provide all the sugary goodness your ants need.

Our strawberry flavour has the same key benefits with a strawberry flavour to allow you to vary your sugar sources.

AntBoyUK HoneyDew™️ is a pioneering, vitamin enriched sugar source for your hungry colonies.

Each bottle contains 30ml of concentrated formula.  This should be added one part HoneyDew™️ to two or three parts water before feeding.

This new concentrated formula is shelf stable and will last several weeks.


1 x 30ml Bottle of HoneyDew™️ Concentrate

Our recipe contains no direct protein sources, and is not intended as a complete feeding solution. Protein sources should also be added where required for your queen and larvae.
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