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LC Smart Pod three pod setup

LC Smart Pod three pod setup

Our ground breaking complete leaf cutter setup is now available directly from our website.

These are a wonderful and immensely interesting genus of ants with fascinating behaviour.

Care of the fragile fungus is paramount, with this setup being rigorously tested and used by many successful keepers, including AntsDavey.

This three pod setup features:

Pod 1) Forraging 200mm diameter 200mm tall. Two ports.

Pod 2) Waste 200mm diameter 200mm tall. Two ports.

Pod 3) Fungus Smart Pod with state of the art temperature and humidity monitoring and a built in hydration system for perfect humidity.

The fungus pod features a sloped lid to avoid condensation drips on the fungus. It includes an internally mounted smart sensor to monitor nest temps and humidity accurately via both a display and mobile app which tracks the data and can ping you alerts if the conditions deviate too much.

The base is hydrostone and seramis clay with an integrated hydration system to maintain the high humidity required.

Each pod has two ports with the setup having 30mm hard acrylic piping to connect the three pods and two stoppers.


1 x Smart Fungus Pod

2 x 200mm pods

2 x 30mm hard acrylic pipes

2 x 30mm port stoppers