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Macro Eight

Macro Eight

The upgraded Macro Eight offering the best possible home for your ant colony.


This size 8 Macro nest can easily house your queen with up to 3000 workers dependent on species, making it the perfect nest for your mature colony.


With four ports there are plenty of options for expansion, outworlds and accessories.


The Macro range features 12mm deep chambers as standard, allowing both small and large species to grow in comfort. The natural curved chambers, combined with ventilation in the covers allow vital airflow and make it easy to achieve the perfect temperature gradient. All our ventilation holes are 0.2mm in diameter which will contain even the smallest ants.


The hydration chamber contains either our upgraded ultra absorbent cellulose sponge or Seramis clay granules to retain moisture for longer than standard sponges, meaning less disturbance for your colony.


Each nest is made from matt black Perspex acrylic with a choice of either a black or white floor. The black floor makes it really easy to see any photograph your colonies brood and larvae with non black species really popping against this background. The white floor option is better for dark species where they contrast against it.


Our new upgraded 13mm outer diameter ports use the larger tubing so your bigger species have more room to explore and offer smaller species a virtual ant highway. All of our 10mm tubing options are also easily connected as they insert directly inside the 13mm tubing providing endless options with our test tube adaptors and our stunning junction boxes for easy expansion.


Overall size: 180 x 145 x 35mm



1 x Macro Eight Nest with 13mm port

1 x short length 13mm OD tubing

optional Red acrylic cover

optional Black acrylic cover

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