Macro Nest (size 4)

Macro Nest (size 4)

Our Macro acrylic nests offer the best possible home for many ant species. Precision laser cut premium cast acrylic with the highest clarity, combined with the highest quality fixings. This range has three size options, eight colour choices and are infinitely expandable.

This size 4 Macro nest can easily house your queen and mature colony, making it the perfect upgrade/expansion as your colony matures.

The Macro range features 15mm deep chambers as standard, allowing both small and large species to grow in comfort. The natural curved chambers, combined with ventilation in the covers allow vital airflow and make it easy to achieve the perfect temperature gradient.

All our ventilation holes are 0.2mm in diameter which will contain even the smallest ants.

The six hydration chambers contains an ultra absorbent sponge to retain moisture for longer than standard sponges, meaning less disturbance for your colony. Combine this with the fact that our sponges are resistant to mould, bacteria and rotting will ensure your nest stands the test of time. 

Available in eight colours, you can chose your favourite option for each of your most valued colonies making each identifiable at a glance.

Four ports offer endless connection options. Our multi port comes as standard offering the ability to connect different tubing diameters via our adaptors, end caps, our test tube adaptor and our stunning junction boxes for easy expansio.

We brought the blackout cover to the ant nest world, and therefore include one as well as our standard red cover with each nest. These help to keep your colony calm, whilst still allowing easy observation.

Overall size:

180 x 145 x 25mm


1 x Macro nest (size 4)
1 x Red acrylic cover
1 x Black acrylic cover
1 x short length 10mm OD tubing