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Queen Hunting Kit

Queen Hunting Kit

Everything you, or your little one needs to catch queens during nuptial flights. This great little kit means that you’ll never be caught without somewhere to store your queen ants until you get home.Simply pop a small piece of dry cotton wool into each of the 7 queen vials, fill your water bottle and you’re ready to go.When you find a queen, remove a vial and add a couple of drops of water to the cotton wool. Gently coax the queen in, and snap the lid closed before placing it back in the holder. The vials will remain perfectly secure there until you get home.The locking karabiner means that once attached to you bag or belt loop, the kit can not be accidentally dropped.Once you return home, we recommend placing your new queens in a suitable test tube set up.Contains:1 x AntBoyUK vial holder1 x 5ml water bottle7 x queen vials 1 x locking karabiner 
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