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Smart-Nest©️ (Medium)

Smart-Nest©️ (Medium)

The key to keeping any successful colony has always been the ability to offer the right conditions for your queen to prosper. With the right temperature and humidity she will be much happier, vastly more productive and live a longer and more fulfilling life.
The problem has always been getting reliable measurements from inside your nest, with little digital readers providing very inconsistent results.
Launched in March 2021 after much research and prototyping, we’re delighted to be the creators of the one and only Smart-Nest™️,  a truly new generation of nests.

Featuring next generation technology this nest lets you observe the real-time temperature and humidity to within 0.5c whilst also retaining records of variations. Whilst the LCD screen displays the current measurements, that’s only the beginning....
Due to the integrated Smart functionality this syncs with a phone app to provide charts, current stats and can be tailored to your colonies exact needs. Want an alert if your temps or humidity varies too much? No problem. Gone are the days of losing brood due to forgetting to add hydration or summer temperatures being excessive.
Made from a beautiful white cast acrylic this nest will contain the most aggressive colonies with no fear of chewing or escapes. The natural flowing chamber style imitates those found within wild nests to provide maximum comfort. The tunnels are raised and sunken to provide terrain mimicking the real world, with the twin hydration ports offering easily controllable humidity levels via their incredible mould resistant high density sponges.
As the base and sides are made from opaque white acrylic, the addition of the white cover means that you can provide almost total darkness for your colony, with the red cover included as standard.
Note: This nest is aimed at small to medium species and is not suitable for those with particularly large queens such as Camponotus Ligniperda etc.
Further options will become available in time to make even more use of this smart connectivity with the possibilities being endless....heating, cooling and lighting is all within the scope of a smart nest.
Welcome to the future of ant keeping.
Size: 120 x 120 x 35 mm with 2 connection ports
1 x Smart Nest including smart sensor
1 x White cover
1 x Red cover
1 x length of tubing
1 x smart guide on how to use (digital)
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