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Smart Pod™️ (Polyrhachis)

Smart Pod™️ (Polyrhachis)

The perfect setup for your growing Polyrhachis colony. This complete kit provides all the hardware your colony will need.

The Smart-Pod™️ system has two exit ports and can be expanded indefinitely as your colony grows. Featuring a ventilated removable lid and sensor mount complete with Smart sensor, you’ll be able to monitor your colonies conditions like never before.

Launched in March 2021 after much research and prototyping, we’re delighted to be the creators of the one and only Smart-Nest™️ and Smart-Pod™️ ranges, a truly new generation of nests.

Connecting the sensor to your phone app allows data tracking for both temperature and humidity with incredible accuracy.

Set up alerts to let you know if the conditions deviate outside of the levels you choose.

The included Seramis clay is used as a drainage layer, before adding the mesh and then the specially formulated Bio Substrate.

A nesting ball to help with structure for their weaving is provided along with a small feeding dish and two feeders.

All you need to add is a little moss, some springtails and/or dwarf white isopods, plus of course your thriving Polyrhachis colony.


1 x Polyrhachis Smart-Pod

Size 160mm diameter 250mm tall

1 x Smart sensor

1 x Smart sensor mount

1 x Seramis clay drainage layer

1 x mesh substrate divider

1 x bio substrate

1 x nesting ball

1 x feeding dish

1 x 5ml HoneyDew feeder

1 x 3ml HoneyDew feeder

1 x Smart-Pod installation guide (digital)

Note: These are made to order and usually take +3-5 working days on top of your delivery estimate.

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