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Setting up your new Smart-Nest 

Step One:

Search for Mi Home on App store or Google Play.

Download the Xiaomi Home App

Step Two:

Once installed, open the app and follow the on screen instructions up to and including the sign in page.

Once you reach the screen at the end of this video, you can add your new nest sensor by clicking the + symbol. Please make sure to be in range of your device with your bluetooth turned on.

The app will detect the sensor and connect once selected.

That's your basic setup done and you can now see your nests stats by opening your app whenever you're within bluetooth range.


Once you have completed your basic setup, you should familiarise yourself with the app as there are many options for personalisation and setting up notifications via the automations menu.

If you would like to be able to monitor your nests whilst away from home the Xiaomi Gateway 3 (available separately) will connect your bluetooth sensors to your Wi-Fi. This will also allow the integration of other smart products which can be activated using automations.

We expect to have a limited number of these gateways available in the near future.

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